Oh well.

Dear sisters,

First off, Abby – courtesy of your post, I am now singing “duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh” in my head. Second, I don’t think I achieved the peak nerd level of going to a camp about Titanic, but maybe one of those after school “gifted and talented” (whatever that means) things? I do definitely own a book all about it, and I remember at some point going through a phase where I was haunted at night by a picture in that book of a pair of shoes on the bottom of the sea. Fun fact: Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on my birthday. I just got all the good things.

In other news… Do you guys remember that time I graduated from high school? (Not to be confused with the time Jess graduated, when they ran out of diploma covers. Or the time Abby graduated, which apparently was not uniquely memorable. #middlechildproblems #westillloveyou!) Do you remember Mr. Gandolfi, and his “oh well” speech, which we mocked mercilessly? Well, I’ll be darned if that speech hasn’t turned out to be incredibly wise. Case in point: the upcoming week. It’s a Holland Symphony concert week, plus Aaron’s soccer coaching, plus a few other random commitments, which means that we will pretty much be going insane and surviving on caffeine and adrenaline from now until Saturday at 10 pm. (No joke – on our family calendar for this week, on Sunday I just wrote “SLEEP”. I’m hoping we can get some grandparents to keep the children occupied, because 2-year-olds and infants do not understand the concept of a Netflix and nap day. Or if they did, we’d have to watch Clifford all day.) Perhaps it’s just this delicious hard cider talking, but I believe the key to success this week is just having incredibly low standards. Sort of an “oh well” approach, if you will. Did we make it to the end of the week with all family members still alive? Excellent. Call it a win. Never mind that we’ve been surviving on school hot lunch and takeout, our children are probably in tears because they miss their parents, and our house looks like it’s been hit by several natural disasters. Are we still here? Good. The week was a success.

See you on the flipside…



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