Rainy Days, Shipwrecks, and Birthdays

Hey sisters,

It’s raining in Montana today. Well, in Helena at least. It’s a big state. Rainy days have this way of washing away all the extra gunk for me… and I hadn’t fully realized how much I was carrying until today’s rain helped clear some of it out. What a busy time the spring is, for teachers, for everyone.

Today, on this glorious rainy day, I’m also thinking of you, Sara. Happy birthday to you! One of my first graders proudly told me about the anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking (April 14, 1912, of course) and it made me think of how much energy you invested in learning about that poor unsinkable ship’s history and legacy. I remember a series of videos in elementary school that focused on the ALVIN exploration of the Titanic wreckage… or was it more than just videos? Did you go to a camp or something? I certainly know that you are the person who taught me that it’s cool for girls to be interested in math and science. On your birthday, I’m overwhelmingly thankful for the smart girl trail that you blazed for your sisters to follow.

I’m not sure there’s a point in all this… maybe that some days we feel unsinkable, and some days we’re totally sunk… and some days all it takes is a little rain to feel refreshed.

Not going down with the ship,