Is there a cure for mornings?

Hi sisters. It’s me again. With my return to work just around the corner, I’m struggling with a bad case of ALL THE FEELS, and writing seems like a better coping mechanism than, say, curling up in a ball and crying.


So, rather than lapse into some sort of meandering, sobbing post about how I will miss my girls when I go back to work (even though I could totally do that), let’s focus on something practical.


UGH. I am so bad at mornings. Anyone else? When I go to bed the night before, I tell myself, “Self, you are going to get up at X time and take a shower and get ready and BE AWESOME.” And then my alarm goes off, and I’m like, “THIS BED IS SO COMFY. I’M NEVER LEAVING.” Then I end up running around like a crazy person trying to get ready, going to school with my hair wet, and generally being a hot mess. Also a crying toddler is usually involved. (To be fair, the presence of toddler tears is not necessarily related to my state of readiness.) We end up running late for daycare, which means I’m squeaking in under the wire at work, and since my planning time is at the end of the day, the whole day just feels like a snowball-down-the-hill experience. Or a train that took off without me. Or something. I dunno. I’m having trouble with my figurative language this evening.

So how does one convince oneself to become a morning person, or a reasonable facsimile thereof? I love coffee, so that’s a potential motivator. However, a) daily lattes from a coffee establishment are not in the budget, and b) all of the coffee establishments that are conceivably on my way lack drive-thru service. So that’s out. We’ve discussed the morning playlist, which I’m hoping will help once the kids are up. However, before children are awake, STEALTH MODE is the name of the game. So that’s out, too.

Before the school year began, I told my counselor that getting up early enough to get myself properly ready for the day was my self-care goal. I managed to accomplish that goal more mornings than not, so in the spirit of Jess’s high fives, we will call that a win. So we’ll just hope I can recapture that for the remainder of the year, and that the children will cooperate by not waking up before their appointed times. (YEAH RIGHT.)