With a capital s that rhymes with… I dunno.

Dear sisters,

I’m sick of being stressed. Anyone else? Do you think there is some way to just turn off the stress switch in one’s brain? Because what good does it do, really? I can worry about whatever it is until the cows come home, but it won’t change the outcome. Can I just make a conscious decision to be chill about things? Does that work? Is that even a thing?

As an aside, is this reminding anyone else of Larry the Cucumber? When do I have to share?” “Why do I have to share?” “What ever happened to Sonny and Cher?”, questions, questions, questions!

OK, back to the task at hand.

Long story short, I’m super stressed about going back to school. I could make a list of the reasons why, but I’m not going to. Mostly because I’m hungry and want to get a snack. (Leftover Easter candy, anyone?) I’m thinking perhaps I’ll call this a mental health experiment and try being chill about going back to work. (And by “chill”, I mean “only mostly stressed” instead of “bat-crap-crazy stressed”.) I will only be at work for two days before spring break, so if it’s a disaster I can go back to being a stressball after break.

6b4d86b29a23c69e3415fa1b12ceb20f5c6ec6d39fa8ee51f82081743f5e2135It’s worth a shot, right?