Storing up sunshine

Do you guys remember the story of Frederick? You know, the little mouse who stored up words and colors and sunshine for the long winter ahead? That’s what these last few days of maternity leave feel like. I’m storing up snuggles and giggles and stories and dance parties and leisurely multi-course breakfasts accompanied by Daniel Tiger. The ability to roll out of bed when the girls wake up. Staying in pjs all day. Watching Netflix and snuggling the baby during afternoon nap time.

In just a few short days it will be back to harsh reality: 5:30 am alarm clocks and frantic mornings and crying children loudly protesting the injustices of life.

For the record, it is completely unjust, from the unkind school start time to the sorry state of parental leave in the US to the reality of a world where the jobs that used to singlehandedly provide a comfortable existence no longer do. No, daughters of mine, it is not fair, but we have an incredibly good life, and ultimately the trials of these early wake-up calls are small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.

During the school year, our time with our kids is concentrated to morning and evening- two busy and stressful times of day, prone to meltdowns from parents and children alike. So my goal is to try to change those into positive times of day. To quote our friend Daniel Tiger:

I’m not exactly sure how we will accomplish this goal, but I’m hoping that a lot of caffeine and a good morning playlist will help. Suggestions? (For the music, that is, although I’ll also accept Starbucks gift cards and/or recommendations of your favorite coffee-type beverage.)


PS True to form, I now feel inadequate because my first two posts have been a) of insufficient length and b) insufficiently funny/excessively serious. #comparedtowhat #idontevenknow #inferioritycomplex #ifthatsalrightwithyou #sorryforbeingsorry #argh


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